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How i work for you

During engagement sessions, you might see me do a lot of talking and directing because it is our first time working together. From there, you’ll get to see how I work and get comfortable with me.

On your wedding, I might be quieter and I PROMISE YOU, IT IS TOTALLY OK. No I am not sick, no I am not exhausted.

I don’t do as much directing because the most beautiful moments happen organically. I’ll be there capturing your grandmother staring at you while you are getting ready. I’ll be there photographing your parents hugging each other while you have your first dance. I’ll be there.

I’ll be there for you. I will leave you alone so you can ACTUALLY ENJOY YOUR WEDDING with family and friends who are there for you. And yes, I will also be there to provide you gentile reminders, bustle and unbustle your dress, help your groom with his tie or straighten his suit jacket.

Trust me, I’ll be there celebrating you and celebrating with you!

Wedding Hair details Soulful Hues PhotographySpokane WA

It’s your wedding and do what your hearts desire. If you love flowers and decors, go for it. If you love a minimalistic wedding, go for it. If you want to elope on the mountain top with your immediate family and closet friends, go for it. If you love traditions, go for it. If you are not very traditional, go for it.


I hope that when you look back, you are not going to regret anything.

Weddings can be stressful. A million things could happen. But truly, despite how much you carefully planned for your wedding, sometimes, unexpected things can happen. What makes a perfect wedding isn’t in how it should look on Pinterest or Instagram, rather, it’s how much fun you have and how much love was shown.

If it rains, dance in the rain. If it’s sunny, feel the sun on your skin. If your cake fell over, play with it. If your dress got dirty, get it dirtier.

Focus on what’s important, not the little things.

I will tell you when the hour package you’re interested in might or might not work for the vision and coverage you had in mind. I will tell you when your ideal location might or might not work on a certain date or time of the year due to crowds or ugly lighting. I will always provide an explanation so you can see my perspective and I will always listen so I can be a better photographer for you.

I will always tell you whether something works or doesn’t work. I will be honest (not ever in a brutal way) so you know my creative process.

I will be honest so you can get the best out of having me as your photographer.